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ActivePlus brings together the products that give you the power to achieve good health. Using our health expertise, we’re constantly looking to the forefront of innovation and bringing you the smartest choices on the market. Be it the latest blood marker testing that gives you tailored health advice, or the wearable with the same spec as the market leader, but at a fraction of the price. And with member discounts across all our products, good health is more achievable than ever.



Have began their fitness journey with our gym memberships in 2019.



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Here at ActivePlus, we...

Expertly Curated 

There are thousands of health products on the market, but we use our expertise in health and wellbeing to bring you products that really matter, from innovative solutions to market leaders or worthy competitors.

Aim to inspire

Inspiring you to get healthier and live the best possible version of your life is what we strive for. We do so by providing the products that will help you achieve good health.

Reward healthy living

To make those healthier choices even more achievable, we provide member discounts on all ActivePlus products.

Value Loyalty

As our way of saying thank you for shopping with ActivePlus, we’ll give you 1 reward point for every £1 you spend. You can use them straight away for a nice discount on your next purchase, or save them up for something bigger.