Atlas Healthcare and ActivePlus, making it affordable to look after yourself

As an Atlas Healthcare member we are delighted to welcome you to ActivePlus, the new healthcare website brought to you by AXA.

People are a business’s greatest asset but all too often we forget that we need to put as much effort into looking after ourselves as we do in being successful in our work. At ActivePlus, we understand that not everyone is an Olympic athlete but also realise that we all want to have access to affordable ways to look after ourselves. Together with Atlas Healthcare, we have picked out some special offers just for you to make it that bit easier to keep well. Some of these offers may only be available/relevant to UK residents. You will, for the moment, need to use a UK address facility for onward shipping to Malta.

  1. DNAFit Health Fit
    DNAFit Health Fit
    £165.00 (£135.00 register to get this price)
  2. Walk with Path
    Walk with Path
    £399.95 (£359.96 register to get this price)


ActivePlus offers the latest products at competitive prices, across broad category areas to try to help improve all aspects of your health, fitness and wellbeing. Check out some of our popular categories: