Into the Blue - Military Driving in Leicestershire

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Get kitted up and ready for a Military Driving Experience in Leicestershire! Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to pick a heavyweight military tank as well as a medium weight vehicle for you to trundle around the countryside near Husband’s Bosworth, just south of Leicester. At this venue there’s always a full fleet of armoured military vehicles ready and waiting to be driven.

One that’s bound to catch your eye, as it’s only available at this Leicestershire venue, is the rather feisty Russian BRDM2 reconnaissance vehicle. The snappily named Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina, to give this armoured scout car it’s proper name, is fully amphibious and was a formidable patrol vehicle capable of some serious artillery power too, that was favoured by armies worldwide and not just in the Soviet Union. In a similar military vein, but more used to battling against the BRDMs, the FV432 armoured personnel carrier is always a customer favourite.

Starting up those huge Rolls Royce engines always gets people’s attention and you will love the aggressive driving style of this tank as you can even reach speeds of up to 32mph. Lots of soldiers learn to drive heavy trucks in the armed forces and now here’s your chance with the Bedford MJ army truck. You used to see a lot of these trucks on the roads, with a separate cab and metal barriered rear hold that was usually covered up in a khaki coloured tarpaulin.

And whilst they may not be up to much in terms of sheer speed, they are resilient, rugged and have impressive off road capabilities as, despite the size, the are 4x4. The BV206 Hagglund, also known as the Bandvagn 206, is an essential vehicle for the arctic conditions in snow covered Nordic countries. Quite frankly, they look funny as there are two parts; a driver’s cab with rear seats and a separate trailer attached.

Both are articulated, so the Hagglund manages to keep contact over very rough terrain, yet the ground pressure is low enough it can rumble through snow without sinking. A fine piece of military engineering, we’re sure you will have seen nothing like the BV206. The Ferret Armoured Vehicle or scout car is one major military oddball.

Built from the 1950s to 1970s, the British Army used these as agile reconnaissance cars. fast enough to be used in urban situations, you will find out the Ferret is also capable of tackling bumpier terrain. What does take some getting used to is the rather driving position, it’s a very tight cab and you’re virtually lying down!

On your military driving experience in Leicestershire, you’ll get to drive two vehicles, with a total time behind the wheel of around 40 minutes. Once you arrive at the military driving venue near Market Harborough in Leics, there’ll be a safety briefing and then you’ll head out to attack the obstacle course in your two military vehicles. No matter which heavyweight military vehicles and trucks you’ll be driving, you’ll love the special 1.2 mile mud filled course at this challenging military driving site in Leicestershire.

More Information
Brand Into The Blue
Availability Saturdays, Sundays and selected Wednesdays from April until October. Selected Saturdays from October until April. FV432 is only available April to October.
Location Leicestershire and Northants border near Market Harborough
Spectator Facilities There is a spectator fee of £6 which includes entry to the Military Vehicle Collection and gives access to the viewing area. Up to two spectators may be able to ride as passengers, if there is room in the vehicles, for an extra fee of £20 payable on site, minimum age eight years. Toilets and changing facilities are on site. Hot and cold drinks and food are available to purchase on site.
Voucher Expiry Vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

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