Into The Blue - Wing Walking Day in Yorkshire

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Standing on a wing, flying at a rate of knots, that's what wing walking in Yorkshire is all about. This fabulous experience will see you learning the skill of wing walking at this aerodrome in Yorkshire and then performing in an aerial display that will push your nerves of steel and the need for adrenaline to the very limits.

Before you can even think about what the sensations of wing walking are like, this Yorkshire team will have you on the ground for some essential training. Being airborne at speeds of up to 135mph whilst strapped to the wing of a biplane makes it quite hard to talk, so you will be needing to know what you are doing before you take off.

One of the first things you'll be taught are the hand signals used between pilot and passenger so you can communicate whilst wing walking above the skies of Yorkshire. Then you'll be shown how to breathe as you're whizzing through the air. This is another essential trick and if you've ever witnessed a wing walking display, you know that they somehow always look poised and relaxed whilst standing on the wing. This pre-flight session will show you how to do the same, although we think you'll be ridiculously excited and probably won't be posing gracefully at all. Then you'll head out to the plane. The Boeing Stearman PT17 Kadet hangered at this Yorkshire aerodrome is the perfect choice for wing walking and aerobatics as it's a very safe, rugged and reliable aeroplane. This one has been specially adapted for walking on the wing, with a more powerful 300bhp Lycoming engine and the all-important five-point harness that'll keep you upright whilst you are standing on that top wing during your ride. So, ground training done, take one last deep breath and then it's away you go as expert pilot Mike Dentith takes you up and away on your inaugural display flight wing walking above the Yorkshire countryside. It is truly an amazing experience that is both unique and completely full of high thrills. It's sure to be like nothing you've ever done before or will ever do again for that matter, and what's more, your wing walking display all takes place in Yorkshire in the presence of your friends and family who will be eagerly watching below as you swoop past in your very own 10-minute display with you as the star on the wing.

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Brand Into The Blue

• Breighton Aerodrome in Selby, Yorkshire

Spectator Facilities

Up to 30 spectators are welcome to come along and view your wing walking display. Cameras are welcome and there are plenty of great photo and video opportunities throughout. There is a clubhouse and cafe onsite.

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