Products & Stock

I am looking for more information on a product. Can you help me?
Of course! We try to include as much information as possible about all our products in the description, but understand that occasionally we may have missed something. First of all, please do check the ‘Additional Information’ tab on the product description page, but if you still can’t find what you are looking for, please contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help.
An item says it is out of stock. Will it be available soon?
We are sorry that the item you are looking for is not available at this time. We are constantly replenishing our stock levels, so please do check back over the next couple of days and you may see it is available again. Alternatively, please contact us and we will look into this further for you.
What do I do if I receive a faulty item?
We want to sort out any issues with a faulty item as quickly as we can. As soon as you discover a fault, please contact our Customer Service team who will be able to help resolve the issue for you.
I have an idea for an item I think you should stock.
That’s great! We are constantly looking to expand on our current range and we’re always looking for the next big thing in health and fitness. If you have an idea of a brand new item you think we should stock, or are a supplier please contact us here. We love to hear your suggestions!