Up to 50% off an annual PureGym Membership

An exclusive offer for AXA Health members and employees of clients of AXA Health

Maybe you haven't set foot in a gym since school, maybe you've just finished your latest triathlon, or perhaps, like most of us, you're somewhere in between. With PureGym it really doesn't matter, because PureGym is all about making it easier for you to get the exercise you want - no matter how fit, how old, or how pushed for time you are.

How to access your discount


  1. Register an account on ActivePlus
  2. During registration, make sure you enter your Individual Membership number or Company Number in the appropriate field (Your company's HR team can tell you what your Company Number is)
  3. Once logged in, go to the PureGym page to select your location and membership options. Your discount will automatically be applied
  4. Checkout as normal

Want to know more about the PureGym offer?

Find out everything you needs to know about the offer, our terms and conditions and answers to your most common PureGym questions.

PureGym FAQ's

Can you add bolt-on’s or bring a friend, can you cancel your membership mid-term and how to change your home gym location – to name a few…

PureGym Offer Terms

Find out more about the PureGym offer and the terms and conditions of buying an annual PureGym membership through ActivePlus

PureGym and COVID

Find out what the new PureGym experience looks like to keep you safe whilst keeping fit.

Your most common PureGym questions answered...

What’s the cancellation and refund policy?
PureGym memberships purchased through ActivePlus can only be cancelled within 2 months from your purchase date. In the event of a health concern or condition stopping you from using the gym, you'll need to provide evidence of such to be considered for a pro-rata refund. Refunds are calculated pro-rata as (Purchase Price ÷ 12) x Full Months Remaining. Full details on our cancellation policy can be found here.
My home gym location is open but I don’t feel comfortable going back to the gym yet, what are my options?
Our cancellation and refund policy has remained the same. PureGym have put in a number of health and safety measures to keep everyone as safe as possible while at the gym. Find out more about what to expect here. However, if you are in the High Risk group of customers and worried about going back to the gym, speak to us at customer.services@myactiveplus.com to hear about how we might be able to freeze your membership for a little bit longer.
What happens if my gym is closed due to a local or national lockdown?
We’re constantly monitoring the Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 as well as any possible gym closures. If your gym has been closed due to a local or national lockdown, your membership will be automatically frozen and the amount of time that the gym stays close will be added to your account.