PureGym - Up to 50% off an annual membership
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find out what discount I can get?
To find out what percentage discount we can offer, you simply need to visit the PureGym product page on ActivePlus, select your home gym and membership options and you'll see the full price and exclusive discount member price.
How do I access the PureGym discount?
The PureGym discount we offer is only available to AXA Health members and employees of AXA Health clients. All you need to do is register an account with ActivePlus, and enter your AXA Health membership number or company ID during registration. Once logged in, visit the PureGym product page and the discount will be automatically applied.
When will my membership start?
Processing your order can take up to 24 hours to complete and membership will start on the day that your order is placed. When your membership is created you'll receive an email and text from PureGym with your PureGym ID to grant you access to your home gym.
How can I check my membership’s expiry date?
If you would you’d like to know the expiry date of your membership, all you have to do is log out from the PureGym app and log back in and the information should be displayed on your screen. Alternatively, you can contact our customer service team and they’ll be able to look into this for you.
Can I change my home gym location?
Yes, our ActivePlus Customer Service team will be able to change your home gym location, so long as the location you want to change to is of equal or lower cost to your original home gym location.
What’s the cancellation policy?
PureGym memberships purchased through ActivePlus can only be cancelled within the first 2 months after purchase. In the event of a health concern or condition stopping you from using the gym, you'll need to provide evidence of such to be considered for a pro-rata refund. Refunds are calculated as (Purchase Price ÷ 12) x Full Months Remaining. Full details on our cancellation policy can be found here.
How do I upgrade my membership to multigym?
If you’ve already purchased a membership through ActivePlus and want to upgrade to a multigym membership, please contact our ActivePlus Customer Service team. We'll need to cancel and refund your current membership and you'll need to place a new order for a multigym membership. Please note this isn’t always possible terms and conditions apply.
How are PureGym's keeping the gyms safe?
All PureGyms will be deep cleaned overnight and regularly through the day, using high-grade disinfectants that will kill the virus. It is impossible to keep any environment 100% clean, as evidenced even in hospital operating theatres. However, it is possible to make environments ‘safe’ by undertaking the appropriate cleaning and disinfecting measures. COVID-19 is easy to kill with most readily available domestic cleaning agents and with thorough hand washing with soap for 20 seconds or more. Coupled with safe distancing and avoidance of touching the face, together with other building environment measures, including good ventilation, a safe environment can be established and maintained. In addition to extensive and frequent cleaning by PureGym teams, they've installed new self-cleaning stations so you can clean your kit before and after use, for added peace of mind. You can find out more about how to clean free weights and how to clean cardio equipment on the PureGym blog.
What happens if my gym is closed due to a local or national lockdown?
We’re constantly monitoring the Government guidelines regarding COVID-19 as well as any possible gym closures. If your gym has been closed due to a local or national lockdown, your membership will be automatically frozen and the amount of time that the gym stays close will be added to your account.
Is PureGym providing Track & Trace information to the NHS?
Yes, to help prevent the spread of infection around the UK, PureGym will support the NHS Track & Trace system. If requested by the NHS to provide visitor information, due to an outbreak in the vicinity of one of their gyms, they will supply your name, mobile and time of arrival and departure for members who had recently visited the specific site. This is voluntary and you are able to request to have your data excluded. Please email PureGym at with you name and PIN number to request that to not pass your details on.
What are the gym opening hours?
Due to the impact of COVID-19 some gym locations are open with reduced hours. For more information regarding the opening hours of your gym location, please check the PureGym app or their website.
Are bolt ons or add ons included?
Unfortunately, bolt-ons and add-ons are not available when purchasing your membership through ActivePlus. We are unable to upgrade your membership bought through ActivePlus to a different membership offered by PureGym directly.
What type of membership can I buy through AXA Health?
All memberships purchased through ActivePlus are the equivalent to the ‘Core’ PureGym Memberships. This will grant you full access to your selected home gym, including all facilities and at most gyms, you also have access to all classes as part of your ‘Core’ membership. With this membership, you cannot bring a guest 4 times a month, you cannot freeze your membership during your term and you do not get any of the benefits included in the PureGym Plus membership option. Once you purchase a membership through AXA Health, we are unable to upgrade your membership type to a different membership offered directly through PureGym.
I used to get 50% off, but now it’s lower - why has it changed?
The offer we’re able to provide our members in partnership with PureGym is always subject to change without prior notice, as noted in our offer terms and conditions. We’re always looking to give our members the best deals on products to help them achieve better health.
I’m a PureGym member already, how does my PIN stay the same with ActivePlus?
If you are an existing PureGym member and looking to renew your membership with your AXA member discount, all you need do is purchase your new membership through ActivePlus using the same personal details as your existing membership (email address, name, gender and date of birth).
When can classes be booked?
Once you’ve purchased your membership through ActivePlus, you'll be able to book your gym classes up to 8 days in advance.
Why is the price on PureGym’s website different to the one on the ActivePlus website?
The price you see on the ActivePlus website is based on PureGym’s non-promotional monthly fee multiplied by 12, plus the relevant joining fee. We then discount that price by up to 50% off to give you the best possible deal..